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Hello to all, the purpose of this site is to help bridge generations of family members together by way of our family tree and family photographs. We want to provide as much information as possible about the family in the form of pictures and pertinent family information provided by our own family tree.

Lewis Family -

The Lewis family were originally from Georgia, Emma was born about 1830, she was married to Thomas Lewis. The family moved from Georgia to Louisiana after the civil war with their children.

Richard, Robert, Mary, Addie, John, Emma

From this reunion John Lewis was born in 1865

Washington Family -

The Washington family were originally from Mississippi, James Washington and his wife Ann Harris both born in the 1830's. The family moved to Benton Louisiana.

Lucinda, Minnie, Emily, Lizzie, Rufus, Louisa, Frank, Enoch, Eugene, Elias, Lisha, Lucy, Elijah

From this reunion Lisha Washington was born in 1865

Black Family -

The Black family originated from South Carolina, Sam Joseph Black born about 1843 and his wife Elsie Gay, born about 1850. The family moved to Benton Louisiana.

Minnie, Ernest, Sam, Willie, Fannie, Betty, Idia, Lela, Arthur, Thomas (Tom)

From this reunion Tom Black was born in 1871.

Ford Family -

The Ford family originated in South Carolina, Wyatt Ford and wife Janie both born about 1862. Wyatt's parents were George Ford & Lucy Murray

From this reunion Josephine (1865) and Sallie Ford (1876) were born.

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